Why Alabama’s Gulf Shores Are the Best for Fishing Charters

Why Alabama’s Gulf Shores Are the Best for Fishing Charters

The United States is home to thousands of top-notch fishing spots. But when it comes to fishing charters, none of those spots quite measures up to Alabama’s Gulf Shore.

Wondering what the location has to offer? Then read on. Here are the top reasons to rent a fishing charter on the Alabama Gulf Shore. 

1. They’re Home to All Types of Fish

First and foremost, there are a variety of different types of fish that you can catch on the Gulf Shores. These include: 

Speckled Trout

Typically found inshore, speckled trout are most commonly caught during the colder months of the year. They tend to travel in large schools, meaning that they’re ripe for the picking. 


Also found inshore are redfish. Common to all parts of the Gulf, redfish are easiest to snag during the spring, summer, and fall months. Note, though, that they’re still very much out there after the colder temperatures have set in. 


One of the most popular fish around the Gulf Shores area is the snapper, and the red snapper, in particular. These bad boys can only legally be caught during the summer months. So, if you’re targeting them, specifically, be sure to book your charter boat plenty in advance. 


Kingfish can be found in the nearshore of the Gulf Shores. These long, slender creatures are most easily caught during the summer months. So, book your charter for June, July, or August and see if you can bring one in. 


Alabama’s Gulf Shores area is renowned for its artificial reef, which attracts all types of fish year-round. A fish that is common to this area is the cobia. Provided with an ample number of needed nutrients, cobia can grow to extreme sizes in these parts. 

2. They’re Undeniably Beautiful

All ocean beaches possess a beauty about them. However, few extol the beauty extolled by Alabama’s Gulf Shores. Characterized by turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches, the Gulf Shores are something close to a paradise. 

And while they appear beautiful from every vantage point, they’re at their best when viewed from the deck of a fishing charter boat. Cast your line as you look out upon the endless expanse of ocean. Look inland to the attractive beach area and resort buildings. 

There’s no fishing atmosphere on the planet that stands above the Alabama Gulf Shores atmosphere. This place is pure ecstasy and facilitates a warm and relaxing fishing experience. 

3. They’re Relatively Calm

In many beach resort towns, anglers have to contend with swaths of rowdy beachcombers. These beachcombers not only increase the volume of the surrounding atmosphere but they also have a negative effect on the behavior of the surrounding fish. 

This doesn’t tend to be a problem when it comes to Orange Beach fishing. Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores area are a little more laid-back. They are capable of facilitating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. 

This isn’t to say that they’re without action. They still attract big crowds. But, by and large, those crowds are respectable and enjoyable to be around. 

4. They Offer Much More Than Just Fishing

Gulf Shores fishing is some of the best in the United States. However, Gulf Shores is much more than just a fishing spot. They offer a variety of activities for visitors to partake in. 

At Alabama’s Gulf Shores, you can:

Relax on the Beach

After a long day of fishing, there’s nothing better than grabbing a chair and relaxing on the beach. Bring your towels and your umbrella and just take in the atmosphere that surrounds you. It doesn’t get much better than the Gulf Shores. 

Eat at Top-notch Restaurants

The Gulf Shores area is a tourist area. As such, it offers a bevy of top-notch restaurants. Whether you like seafood, barbecue, pizza, buffets, breakfast places, or otherwise, the Gulf Shores area has a restaurant that will accommodate you. 

Grab some grub before you head out on the boat and you’ll have a day to remember. 

Drink at an Assortment of Bars

If you’re a fan of alcoholic beverages, the Gulf Shores area won’t let you down. It offers an assortment of bars, from low-key drives to loud and raucous clubs and everything in between. In short, you’ll have no problem cutting loose after a long day out on the ocean. 

Go Golfing

There are a number of golf courses spread throughout the Gulf Shores area. These run the gamut from pro-level courses to mini-golf courses and everything in between. If you enjoy a day on the links, the Gulf Shores will suit you well. 

Hit a Waterpark

There are a few waterparks spread throughout the Gulf Shores area. These include Waterville USA and The Park at OWA, to name just two. There is also a bevy of amusement rides available. 

Take in Some History

Are you a history buff? If so, Gulf Shores and its surrounding areas have plenty to offer you. From old houses to museums to lighthouses and more, there’s plenty of history to take in while you’re in town. 

Visit the Zoo

If you get tired of the aquatic wildlife, you might consider checking out some land-borne animals. There are tons to see at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, from lions to tigers to monkeys and more. 

Take a Tour

There are all sorts of tours that you can take in the Gulf Shores area, from kayaking tours to boat tours to bike tours and more. If you want to see the area, this is a great way to do so. 

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