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Deep Sea Fishing: What Is It and Why Is Everyone So Excited About It?

Wondering what deep sea fishing is? Curious as to why everyone’s so excited about it? Then read on because we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about it below. 

What Is Deep Sea Fishing?

Sometimes called offshore fishing, deep sea fishing is exactly what it sounds like it might be: fishing in the deepest parts of the sea. It’s done far out off the coast and is facilitated with the help of a large charter boat. 

Generally speaking, the types of fish that are caught on a deep sea fishing trip are of a large variety. As such, the term “deep sea fishing” is often used interchangeably with the term “big game fishing.” 

What Kinds of Fish Can Be Caught on Deep Sea Fishing Trips?

When you go on a deep sea fishing trip, your goal is to catch large fish. The exact type of fish you’ll catch is dependent on the area in which you’re fishing as well as on the season.

In the Gulf off the coast of Orange Beach, you’re most likely going to snag red snapper, triggerfish, amberjack and cobia. Note, though, that you also have a chance of catching sharks, marlins, and other exotic sea creatures. 

226 Swordfish while pregnant

This is a large part of what separates deep sea fishing from other types of fishing: the opportunity to reel in absolutely monstrous fish. Bringing in a 5-pound bass isn’t even comparable to bringing in a 200-pound marlin. The feeling is like no other. In fact, Captain Bobby’s wife, Hannah Kelly, landed a 226 pound swordfish while eight months pregnant! That’s a delivery!

The Advantages of Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing offers a number of advantages when compared to other types of fishing. These advantages include the following. 

The Chance to Catch Bigger Fish

It’s not likely that you’re going to be catching massive fish off of the coastline. Typically, you have to go out to sea in order to bring in the monstrous creatures. Deep sea fishing brings you in contact with fish weighing well over 100 pounds, some of which weigh over 2,500

A Cooler Atmosphere

Fishing from lakeside or on the coast of the ocean isn’t bad. In fact, in most cases, it’s highly enjoyable. But it’s not the same as getting on a boat and casting out in the middle of the sea. 

There is no fishing atmosphere that’s better than the one brought on by deep sea fishing. The salty air, the cool breezes, the endless expanse of blue: they’re the ultimate in beauty and relaxation. 

Bigger Challenges

All forms of fishing have their challenges. But when it comes to the most challenging form of fishing, deep sea fishing has to be at the top of the list.

When you’re fishing out at sea, you’re battling high winds, rocky waters, and fish like you’ve never seen before. It offers a steep learning curve but an exciting one all the same. 

Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Deep sea fishing is completely different from most other types of fishing. As such, you have to study up a bit. When going on a deep sea fishing charter, you should do the following. 

Prepare Yourself for Motion Sickness

Have you ever been out on the ocean on a large boat before? If not, you must know: motion sickness is a real possibility. 

The water will rock the boat back and forth and, if you’re of a particular persuasion, this will make you feel sick. In fact, it might even cause you to vomit. 

For this reason, it’s wise to bring a few anti-nausea meds along with you. Even if you’re not typically prone to motion sickness, the rocking of a big boat could make a difference. 

Wear Sunblock

Fishing out in the middle of the ocean is a surefire way to expose yourself to the sun. If it’s a typical day, your deep sea fishing adventure will put you at risk of getting a sunburn. 

As such, before you depart, you need to apply a full coat of sunblock. You should also keep some on your person so that you can reapply it throughout the trip. 

In addition, it’s wise to avoid tank tops and other clothes that expose major portions of your skin. Consider adding a hat and sunglasses to your wardrobe, as the sun will be beating down upon your face for the duration of the experience. 

Use the Advice of Your Guides

When you take a charter out for a deep sea fishing trip, you’re going to have a number of guides at your disposal. These guides are well-versed in the process of deep sea fishing and will be able to teach you everything there is to know about reeling in a big fish. 

Our advice is to listen to them. Just because you’ve fished in a lake or a river doesn’t mean that you know anything about deep sea fishing. It’s radically different and requires a great deal of technique and know-how. Let your guides show you the way. 

Ready to Go Deep Sea Fishing in Orange Beach? 

What do you say? Is deep sea fishing for you? Ready to go deep sea fishing at Orange Beach? If so, we here at Miss Brianna Fishing Charters are the people to see. 

We offer fishing charters for groups of all sizes. Regardless of the type of fish that you’re looking to catch, we can accommodate you. 

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4 Popular Alabama Fish You Can Catch From Orange Beach or Gulf Shores

Alabama’s Gulf Coast is home to a wide variety of marine life. Whether you’re venturing off into deep blue waters or you’re staying close to shore, you’re sure to come across all kinds of fantastic and diverse fish. 

If you’re chartering a boat in hopes of catching some of those prized Alabama fish, then you’re bound to have an unforgettable time. And by knowing what the most popular Alabama fish are, you’ll be able to better prepare yourself for a more successful angling experience.

Are you interested in learning more? If you are, then keep on reading and we’ll walk you through the top Alabama fish that you need to know about!

1. Red Snapper

Common red snapper sizes range from one pound to eight pounds. However, don’t be too surprised if you find one that weighs as much as twenty pounds. 

This fish tends to be rosy red in color. Red snappers can definitely put up a fight. They like to use strong, head-shaking maneuvers as opposed to long runs. 

Some red snappers like to stay around relatively shallow waters. For these fish, you can use light ocean tackle.

If you’re out on a charter boat, you’ll probably want to use deep drops in strong currents. This means that you should be using strong lines and heavy rods.

When it comes to bait, dead cigar minnows or pilchards can serve you well. Live small baitfish will be more useful in areas that are heavily fished. 

2. Triggerfish

The triggerfish tends to be a uniform dark gray in color. Sometimes, especially in smaller ones, it will also feature dark blotches on its sides. 

These fish tend to weigh between one and three pounds. They have tiny mouths that are full of parrot-like teeth. Because of this, your rigging is going to be extremely important. 

You’ll need to use very small number four or number six hooks. When it comes to bait, it should be pint-sized. A dime-sized piece of squid mantle or just one squid tentacle cut in half will make good bait. 

You want to tie your hook to a 15-pound test line with no leader. 

It’s usually not that hard to find triggerfish. In fact, many times anglers will come upon them by accident. Triggerfish tend to congregate around structures and under flotsam, such as buoys, buckets, and logs. 

If you spot a triggerfish near the surface, then you should slowly pull within casting distance. Then, flip your bait near the fish.

Usually, the triggerfish will come rushing out from under their cover to attack the bait. However, you don’t want to drop your bait right over the fish because the splash can scare them away. 

3. Amberjack

Colloquially known as “Reef Donkeys,” amberjack may not be the most beautiful fish out there but they sure put up a spectacular fight. 

They’re overall golden or brown in color. They have heavy bodies and a dark oblique line that runs through the eye and ends at the dorsal fin.

Schools of young amberjack are common at five to twenty pounds. The average size of amberjack over reefs is between thirty and sixty pounds. However, you may find some that weigh more than 100 pounds.

The amberjack is a strong and punishing fighter. It defies lifting and powers deep. Early in the fight, they may employ long runs. 

Not only are amberjack strong but they also have incredible stamina. An amateur angler may end up wrestling with Amberjack for an hour or longer. 

These fish tend to be caught aboard charter boats on heavy rods and reels. You should be using lines testing 50 pounds or more.

If you’re an experienced light-tackle angler, you should be able to successfully overcome amberjack with spinning and baitcasting rigs. 

4. Cobia

In the water, cobia might look a lot like sharks. They are usually dark gray or brown and have whitish undersides. They also have a dark stripe that runs from their gills to the base of their tails.

Younger cobia tend to have more vivid stripes. 

These fish tend to weigh between twenty and fifty pounds but can also weigh as much as eighty pounds or more. It’s important to know that cobia are strong and unpredictable fighters.

Cobia tend to go on long and fast runs. They can also fight deep with a lot of stamina. Many cobia, however, will save their strongest fight for after they’ve already been reeled onto the boat. 

For pier fishing and boat fishing, surf tackle is going to be your best best. Cobia are notorious for wrapping lines around wreck structure and buoys. So you should use 30-pound test line or heavier to make up for this.  

Once you’re clear of obstructions, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reel in cobia with baitcasting, spinning, and fly tackle. 

Live batfish work well with cobia. That includes grunts and jacks, cigar minnows, mullet, and pinfish. Live crabs, shrimp, or dead squid will also do the trick. 

The Importance of Knowing About the Most Popular Alabama Fish 

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of what the most popular Alabama fish are. If you’re like us, all this talking about fish has only made you more excited to hit the water and see what fish you’re able to catch.

If you’re looking to charter a boat in Alabama and go angling on the Gulf Shores, then contact us today and see how we can help you!

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Charter in Orange Beach, Alabama

When’s the best time to catch fish in Orange Beach, Alabama? Fishing is often seasonal but on the Gulf Shores, whether it’s inshore or offshore, there’s something to catch year-round.

If you want the perfect fishing trip in Orange Beach, Alabama, don’t leave it to chance. Read on to learn these 8 tips on how to choose the best fishing charter.

1. Expert Captain

The expertise of the captain is one of the key factors in having a great fishing trip. Your day should revolve around an enjoyable trip and catching fish. Everything else is the concern of the captain.

A proficient captain ensures that safety standards are high. They also know where to find fish and help you catch them. Check out the experience of the captain before you book your fishing charter.

Every captain should file fishing reports. They are public records of the fish they have caught and when they caught them. Check the reports of any captain you are considering and you’ll get a feel for their performance.

An owner-operator has a greater commitment and vested interest in their clients having a great day. They want to secure the highest reputation they can for their boat.

2. Do Your Homework

Do your research before you arrive at Orange Beach and certainly before arriving on the dock. A walk along the dock might be an interesting way to choose a charter but consider the downside of this approach.

You only have the charters that nobody else has booked available to choose from. There may be a good reason why they have not been booked. It’s more likely that their competitors are more popular because they have a better reputation.

Browse websites and read the reviews of the boats. Hire the best fishing charter for you rather than the only one available.

3. Compare Your Options

Compare the options available. Choose based on fair comparison and don’t be seduced by meaningless hype.

If you are a novice, you may want some tuition and help. Don’t choose a boat that has flashy pictures of big fish on their website but doesn’t say anything about the service they offer a client.

If you are experienced and want to catch a specific species, select a fishing charter that has expertise in that species. Discuss your needs with them and assess whether they will give you what you want from a fishing trip.

4. Avoid Cheap Boats

If you want a great day’s fishing, hire the best fishing charter rather than the cheapest one.

A boat that competes on price rather than quality is likely to be cutting corners somewhere. Perhaps they will have an inexperienced crew or poor tackle.

They may not be prepared to take you to the best place to catch the fish you want to catch. After all, fuel costs money and they may want to save every cent they can to make up for the low price.

5. Check Tackle and Equipment

The best boats supply all the tackle you need for a great fishing trip. Ask what will be supplied. Chose a boat that will supply all the tackle you might need together with bait and license.

It’s important to know that your choice of charter boat is equipped to meet the needs of everyone in your party. That means you should check that they can handle the size of your party.

6. Check Keep Policy

Do you have expectations about whether you will return fish or keep them? You might want to keep some fish to eat. If this is the case, some fishing charter boats will prepare your fish and provide zip lock bags for your catch so you can take them away in perfect condition.

There are restaurants in Orange Beach that will cook your fish for you. There’s nothing like catching a fine fish and then enjoying that fish for dinner.

Be sure to discuss the boat’s policy on keep or return. There is a strong conservation case for returning fish to grow and be caught again. A responsible fishing charter will find the right balance.

7. Reputation

If you’re looking for the best fishing charter in Orange Beach, take some time to read online reviews, written by previous clients. Find reviews that are from people with similar needs to yours. These reviews will indicate whether you can rely on a good service that will meet your needs.

Reputation counts for far more than promises or flashy websites. Look for great reviews from lots of satisfied customers over a long period of time. Reviews with lots of specific details are the most credible and are less likely to be false or unreliable. 

8. Check the Boat

Not all boats are the same. Check what the boat will be before you arrive. That way you won’t be disappointed by what you find.

Some boats offer only very basic facilities. Some larger boats have proper toilets, showers, and even air-conditioning so you and your guests have some relief from the heat of the day.

A well-equipped boat also makes for a more enjoyable experience. Ask if the boat has a shower so you can freshen up. A refrigerator and freezer are useful for your food and drinks too.

If your party includes some non-fishing guests or children, can the fishing charter provide them with a great trip too? Some boats are not suitable while others understand the needs of non-fishing guests. Keeping them happy will mean that you can enjoy your fishing without worrying about your other guests.

Your Best Fishing Charter

Your best fishing charter is the one that best meets your needs and expectations. With some simple research, you can choose wisely. The result will be a fishing trip at Orange Beach to remember.

Talk to us about your charter fishing needs by contacting us here.

A Beginner’s Guide to Charter Boat Fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Are you thinking about going on a charter boat fishing trip? If you haven’t been on one of these types of excursions before, you are in for a real treat.

Fishing charters are a great way to spend time with your friends, to enjoy some beautiful scenery, to catch some fish, and to make some memories you’ll treasure always and will never forget. 

One of the best places in this entire nation to go charter boat fishing is off the coast of Alabama. The Gulf of Mexico is vast, but so many amazing fish visit and congregate off the coast near Gulf Shores at all times of the year. Many charter boat fishing guides and boat captains have been fishing these waters all of their lives, and therefore have developed the expertise needed to lead fishing trip participants to personal victories as well. 

If you’re interested in charter boat fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, then read on. You’ll learn everything you need to know to plan, execute and enjoy your charter boat fishing adventure.

How to Plan Your Trip

In order to have the best possible experience on your fishing boat charter, you’ll need to do some research and planning beforehand. It’s sometimes possible to book a fishing charter at the last minute, but it’s better to give yourself time to consider numerous factors to ensure that you choose the best boat, captain, and trip for you and your party.

Time of Year

The first thing to consider is the time of year that you should go charter fishing. Off the Alabama coast, it’s possible to fish year-round, but the weather can sometimes be a bit unpredictable in the spring, fall or winter. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have a bad time or that you won’t catch any fish, but it’s more likely to rain or be rough during those seasons. Most people enjoy summer in the Gulf most of all. However, we recommend customers pick two or three days in the Spring and/or Fall so, as we closer to the dates the weather is a little bit more practical. Contact us to discuss potential charter fishing dates in the Spring and/or Fall.

Also keep in mind that some fish are more prevalent at certain times of the year than others, so if you want to catch a specific type of fish, that can influence the right time of year to go as well.

Private vs. Shared

You’ll also want to decide if you want to pursue a private charter or a shared expense trip. A private charter is exactly what it sounds like; it’s you and your friends on a boat alone with the captain and crew. This is a great option if you have a large group and enjoy privacy. If you have a smaller group or would like to save money, you might consider merging with a group of strangers to split the cost of a charter among you.

Length of Trip

In Gulf Shores, you can find charter boat fishing trips offered at a wide variety of lengths. You could take a short, half-day trip, or you could charter a boat over several days. If you’re just starting out, you may want to choose a shorter trip. Fishing in the Gulf is often more tiring than you might imagine!

Food Fishing or Sport Fishing

You should also think about whether you want to fish for food or for sport. If a fish that you catch is in season, you can keep it and eat it, but if it isn’t you have to throw it back. If you know that you want to pursue fish that you can eat, let your captain know so he can help you to find fish that you can keep during your charter. 

How to Choose a Charter Provider 

When it comes to choosing a charter boat fishing provider, take time to consider all the possibilities. The charter provider you choose can and will make or break your overall experience.

Today, it’s easy to find reviews online for service providers of all kinds and that includes charter boat fishing providers. A quick internet search will help guide you to reputable and reliable captains, crews, and boats. A couple of bad reviews can be overlooked; consistently bad reviews should never be ignored.

When calling around to find out prices and more information, be sure to know the number of participants in your group. This will help a charter provider to know whether or not they can accommodate you. The person who answers the phone should be excited to answer your questions about the boat, the captain’s experience, the plan for the day at sea, pricing, onboard safety measures and more. 

Once you’ve selected a company, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit or you may even be asked to pay in full. This will hold the boat for your group until the day and time of the charter arrive.

What to Expect 

When the big day comes, arrive a little early. If you arrive a little late, you are only wasting your own time. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and prepare for anything. On a cooler day, wearing several layers is always a wise idea; you can shed them as it gets warmer.

You won’t need a fishing license to fish on a charter boat. When you charter a boat, everyone on board is covered by the boat’s fishing permit. You also won’t need to bring any fishing equipment or bait; on a fishing charter, everything is provided for you to use.

Introduce yourself to the captain and crew and prepare to listen to their directions. Remember, even though you chartered the boat, the captain is in charge. This is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety.

Off the coast of Alabama, you can catch some very interesting and exciting fish. If your charter heads out to deep waters, you can expect to catch fish like Red Snapper, Grouper, Trigger Fish, Amberjack, Tuna, and Marlin, to name a few. In the summertime, you can add migratory fish like King Mackerel, Cobia and Mahi-Mahi to that list as well. On the other hand, if you focus on inshore fishing, you may catch some Speckled Trout, Flounder, or White Trout. 

Charter Boat Fishing: Fun for All

The most important thing to do when going on a charter boat fishing trip is to relax and enjoy yourself. After all, that’s why you signed up to do it in the first place. It may seem like there are a lot of things to consider when planning a charter fishing trip, but once the time comes to hop on board, just listen to the captain and crew and get ready for a fantastic and memorable experience. After you go once, you’ll likely want come back for more time and time again.

If you’re looking for a great fishing boat charter in Gulf Shores, Alabama, please consider us at Miss Brianna Fishing Charters. We offer fishing charters for all ages and even offer charters that are especially geared towards kids. We can’t wait to take you and your family and friends out on the water. Give us a call today

Why Alabama’s Gulf Shores Are the Best for Fishing Charters

The United States is home to thousands of top-notch fishing spots. But when it comes to fishing charters, none of those spots quite measures up to Alabama’s Gulf Shore.

Wondering what the location has to offer? Then read on. Here are the top reasons to rent a fishing charter on the Alabama Gulf Shore. 

1. They’re Home to All Types of Fish

First and foremost, there are a variety of different types of fish that you can catch on the Gulf Shores. These include: 

Speckled Trout

Typically found inshore, speckled trout are most commonly caught during the colder months of the year. They tend to travel in large schools, meaning that they’re ripe for the picking. 


Also found inshore are redfish. Common to all parts of the Gulf, redfish are easiest to snag during the spring, summer, and fall months. Note, though, that they’re still very much out there after the colder temperatures have set in. 


One of the most popular fish around the Gulf Shores area is the snapper, and the red snapper, in particular. These bad boys can only legally be caught during the summer months. So, if you’re targeting them, specifically, be sure to book your charter boat plenty in advance. 


Kingfish can be found in the nearshore of the Gulf Shores. These long, slender creatures are most easily caught during the summer months. So, book your charter for June, July, or August and see if you can bring one in. 


Alabama’s Gulf Shores area is renowned for its artificial reef, which attracts all types of fish year-round. A fish that is common to this area is the cobia. Provided with an ample number of needed nutrients, cobia can grow to extreme sizes in these parts. 

2. They’re Undeniably Beautiful

All ocean beaches possess a beauty about them. However, few extol the beauty extolled by Alabama’s Gulf Shores. Characterized by turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches, the Gulf Shores are something close to a paradise. 

And while they appear beautiful from every vantage point, they’re at their best when viewed from the deck of a fishing charter boat. Cast your line as you look out upon the endless expanse of ocean. Look inland to the attractive beach area and resort buildings. 

There’s no fishing atmosphere on the planet that stands above the Alabama Gulf Shores atmosphere. This place is pure ecstasy and facilitates a warm and relaxing fishing experience. 

3. They’re Relatively Calm

In many beach resort towns, anglers have to contend with swaths of rowdy beachcombers. These beachcombers not only increase the volume of the surrounding atmosphere but they also have a negative effect on the behavior of the surrounding fish. 

This doesn’t tend to be a problem when it comes to Orange Beach fishing. Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores area are a little more laid-back. They are capable of facilitating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. 

This isn’t to say that they’re without action. They still attract big crowds. But, by and large, those crowds are respectable and enjoyable to be around. 

4. They Offer Much More Than Just Fishing

Gulf Shores fishing is some of the best in the United States. However, Gulf Shores is much more than just a fishing spot. They offer a variety of activities for visitors to partake in. 

At Alabama’s Gulf Shores, you can:

Relax on the Beach

After a long day of fishing, there’s nothing better than grabbing a chair and relaxing on the beach. Bring your towels and your umbrella and just take in the atmosphere that surrounds you. It doesn’t get much better than the Gulf Shores. 

Eat at Top-notch Restaurants

The Gulf Shores area is a tourist area. As such, it offers a bevy of top-notch restaurants. Whether you like seafood, barbecue, pizza, buffets, breakfast places, or otherwise, the Gulf Shores area has a restaurant that will accommodate you. 

Grab some grub before you head out on the boat and you’ll have a day to remember. 

Drink at an Assortment of Bars

If you’re a fan of alcoholic beverages, the Gulf Shores area won’t let you down. It offers an assortment of bars, from low-key drives to loud and raucous clubs and everything in between. In short, you’ll have no problem cutting loose after a long day out on the ocean. 

Go Golfing

There are a number of golf courses spread throughout the Gulf Shores area. These run the gamut from pro-level courses to mini-golf courses and everything in between. If you enjoy a day on the links, the Gulf Shores will suit you well. 

Hit a Waterpark

There are a few waterparks spread throughout the Gulf Shores area. These include Waterville USA and The Park at OWA, to name just two. There is also a bevy of amusement rides available. 

Take in Some History

Are you a history buff? If so, Gulf Shores and its surrounding areas have plenty to offer you. From old houses to museums to lighthouses and more, there’s plenty of history to take in while you’re in town. 

Visit the Zoo

If you get tired of the aquatic wildlife, you might consider checking out some land-borne animals. There are tons to see at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, from lions to tigers to monkeys and more. 

Take a Tour

There are all sorts of tours that you can take in the Gulf Shores area, from kayaking tours to boat tours to bike tours and more. If you want to see the area, this is a great way to do so. 

Looking to Rent a Fishing Charter on Out of Alabama’s Gulf Shores?

What do you think? Interested in renting a fishing charter on the Alabama Gulf Shore? If so, we here at Miss Brianna Fishing If you’re looking to find the perfect fishing charter, look no further than the Alabama Gulf Shores. Come visit and see what they have to offer.Charters are the ones to see. 

Contact us now to discuss your options! 

5 Must-Know Tips Before Deep Sea Fishing in Alabama

Your Alabama beach trip is booked, and you’re ready to reel in a monster so you can snap the perfect photo for Instagram, then grill it up for dinner. If your fishing trip is a flop, you’ll disappoint your followers and your hungry family. 

Alabama deep sea fishing is some of the best in the world, but it’s not a sport for beginners. If you don’t know the local waters like the back of your hand, attempting an offshore trip without some serious planning isn’t just a waste of time and money, it can be downright dangerous.

But not to worry – there are a few easy ways to make sure you enjoy your day on the water, land loads of fish, and return safely to shore with a whole album full of trophy photos.

Here are our top 5 Alabama fishing tips to know before you go. 

1. Hire a Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Booking a fishing charter is the best decision you can possibly make, if you actually want to catch fish. A local deep sea fishing guide will take the guesswork out of getting bites, so you can sit back, relax, and wait for that rod to bend.

On your own, it would be nearly impossible to locate the best fishing spots, but your guide will know exactly where to find the wrecks, rocks, and man-made structures target species love to hang out around.  

A good guide will also know what kind of bait and gear to use, and everything you need will be handed to you when you board the charter vessel. No need to haul your own equipment from home, although you can if you really want to. 

Most Alabama charter guides fish year-round, so they know how seasonal changes in factors like water temperature and quality affect fishing, and they’ll adjust accordingly. They also tend to exchange endless text messages with their guide friends, so they’ll know more than you ever could about what fish are biting where, in real time. 

Last but not least, a guide will keep you safe. Navigating unfamiliar waters, especially deep waters, can be treacherous. Landmarks are often confusing to novice boaters, and unexpected storms can blow you off course. Leaving these worries to the professionals is a no-brainer.  

2. Choose Your Charter Wisely

Alabama fishing charters are not one size fits all. Take advantage of the many options available to find a guide that shares your priorities and can accommodate your group. 

Most guides have websites, and you can usually get a feel for the type of client they serve by clicking around for a few minutes. 

Families or groups of friends with less than six people often prefer to hire a private charter. Larger groups might choose to board a party boat that can accommodate 25 or more anglers. 

Some guides will encourage catch and release fishing, while others will enjoy filling up the cooler and filleting your fresh catch for you at the dock. Charters can be educational, or they can be all about going after the big ones. 

If you have kids, look for a family-friendly guide. Shorter trips can be nice for kids who are just learning to fish. You’ll also want to take your budget into consideration, although the cheapest option probably isn’t the best. Nobody wants to ride 20 or more miles offshore in a discount boat. 

3. Practice Your Fish Identification

You’ll have more fun and avoid looking like a total newbie if you have some basic knowledge of the local fish species you might catch.

On shorter charters, you’ll stay closer to shore and you might catch triggerfish, red snapper, vermilion snapper, king mackerel, and bonita. During the fall months, it’s possible to get lucky and reel in an amberjack. 

If you book a guide to take you out for 8 hours or more, you’ll venture farther from the coast. Gag, red, and scamp grouper inhabit Alabama’s deeper waters, and the snappers tend to be bigger and better for eating the farther offshore you go. 

Avid anglers who book overnight fishing trips can look forward to going after yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, swordfish and pelagic shark species.

4. Pack a Bag

Don’t show up empty handed on the day of your charter. Every good angler comes prepared with a few basic items.

The Alabama sun can be relentless, so it’s important to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. A painful sunburn can ruin your vacation, so wear a shirt with a UPF sun protection factor of 50 or higher.

Check with your guide to see if water will be provided. If not, bring your own – and lots of it. Staying hydrated will help give you strength to fight the fish. Speaking of strength, snacks are also essential for keeping your energy up. Chips and granola bars hold up well in the heat. Just never bring a banana on the boat! 

If you suffer from seasickness, consider taking some motion sickness medication a few hours before you board your charter. There are also a variety of wristbands and patches on the market that can help you avoid feeling nauseous on the water. 

Last but not least, bring your camera, or at least a smartphone with a camera. You’ll definitely want to document your catch (or catches!) of the day. 

5. Manage Your Expectations

Deep sea fishing is most enjoyable when you keep an open mind. Being surprised by what you reel in is all part of the fun, and having a specific fish in mind can mean setting yourself up for disappointment. Let the ocean surprise you! 

Alabama fishing regulations exist to keep fish populations strong, and there will be times when your catch doesn’t meet the slot size limits. As delicious as that little red snapper looks, you’ll have to release it. The good news is there will always be dozens of world-class seafood restaurants to choose from at the end of the day. 

Get Ready for the Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

After your deep sea fishing charter is booked, the only thing left to do is get ready to have the time of your life. The fish are always biting in Alabama, and they will be waiting for you! Contact us to learn more and reserve your day on the water. 

What You Need To Know About Fishing in Alabama’s Gulf Shores

For many, the allure of a vacation on the horizon helps you get through some of those long days at work. Dreaming of your next vacation in Alabama Gulf Shores?

With the beautiful beaches and warm, sunny climate, what’s not to love? While some might like to spend their vacation time lounging on the miles and miles of beaches, the anglers in your family can’t wait to get a fishing pole in the water. 

If you’re the fisherman in the family, you might be dreaming of spending your vacation reeling in the wealth of fish that Alabama’s Shores offers. 

Read on for all you need to know about fishing in Alabama Gulf Shores waters. 

How to Fish on the Gulf Coast

Because of the region’s expansive coasts and access to open water, there are any number of ways you can scratch your fishing itch. There is everything from dropping a line in the water from the shore to going on a highly experienced and well-equipped charter for a day of fishing Alabama’s waters. 

Let’s take a closer look at some options you have for gulf shore fishing. 

Pier Fishing

With the Gulf Shores miles of beaches, also comes many piers jutting out into the Gulf waters. Even the most experienced fishermen enjoy some fishing time on the pier with their fellow anglers. This is a great way to get some tips from others who fish these waters and can share their fishing tales and expertise. 

While many piers you can fish from free of charge, others will have a very minimal fee to allow you out on the pier. Make sure you have a fishing license before heading out there. More on fishing licenses shortly.

Surf Fishing

The miles of beach is a vacation paradise, and not just for the sun worshipers. This is quite literally an endless places to cast a line into the water right from the shore. Many fishermen appreciate the opportunity to find a spot right from shore to put a line into the water. 

Some of the waters’ bigger catches will come in close to shore around the mouth of the area bays. Other fishermen appreciate the Big and Little Lagoon waters for the variety of fish available there. 

Kayak Fishing

For a truly serene fishing experience, consider renting a kayak for some fishing time. There is not a more peaceful way to spend some time fishing than quietly paddling to your fishing spot and dropping in a line. 

Your paddles are much less likely to disrupt the fish than a motorized boat. Many of the area lagoons offer calm waters perfect for kayak fishing.

Charter Boat Fishing

Going out on an area charter boat is really the way to experience the best in Gulf coast fishing. Gulf charter boats offer the full fishing experience for those looking to spend a day out on the water. 

Charter boats can take their fisherman for a day of fishing inshore, nearshor of offshore, depending on the type of experience you want  to have. The boats will have all the equipment needed for a day on the water and the fishing captains are experts at fishing in the area. They will know the best locations to take you so you get some action on the fishing poles. 

Don’t worry either if you aren’t an experienced angler. Let your captain know your level of experience and they can tailor the experience to make it the best for you. Spending a day on a charter boat is the ultimate Alabama fishing trip.

What Fish Will You Catch?

You wouldn’t be a fisherman if you weren’t already thinking about what your catch might include. There is a wide array of fishing ready for the catch in the Gulf waters. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fish you might be able to reel in!


Redfish are the perfect shallow water fish from the Gulf waters. You can catch the Redfish from bays, flats, and mangroves in the area surrounding the Gulf waters. 

Redfish are great catches for fall, but also bite in winter for those out on the waters. 

Speckled Trout

The Speckled Trout is another shallow water fish that is popular from Gulf shores waters. You can catch the tasty Speckled Trout in both fall and winter months. This fish travels the waters of the area in large schools making them an easily available catch.

Red Snapper

This fish is famous in this region’s lore. For those who are experienced Alabama fishermen, the Red Snapper is part of the best in Gulf coast  fishing. 

The area has strict rules for when you can get the Red Snapper on your lines. This fish is only allowed to be fished during summer months. 


The Kingfish are a popular nearshore fishing catch. Like many of the fish who come into the nearshore waters, the best time to snap the Kingfish is during the summer months. 

Get Your Fishing License

While you might be anxious to hit the waters, you want to make sure you do it legally. You will need a fishing license to fish in the Alabama Gulf waters. 

There are a variety of ways to get a license. You can get them from many of the piers that are available for fishing. Many area fishing shops have licenses available for purchase. 

If you are going out on a charter boat, the captain will take care of your licenses for you.

Fishing in Alabama’s Gulf Shores

Alabama Gulf Shores offers the ultimate in fishing opportunities. From throwing a pole in from the pier to spending a day out on the waters in a charter boat, the opportunities to reel in Alabama’s fish is abundant. 

If you’re ready to spend the day out on the Gulf waters, we want to be your charter boat. Contact us today to get started planning your day out fishing Alabama’s Gulf Shores.

Want to Go Fishing in Alabama but Don’t Have a License? Hire a Charter!

You live in or around Alabama. You want to go fishing in Alabama. The only problem is that you don’t have an Alabama fishing license. 

You don’t plan on fishing much this year, and so you don’t really want to pay for one. You’d rather just have one big and extravagant fishing adventure. Might we suggest hiring a charter?

Booking a fishing charter enables you to get out on the ocean without a license. It offers a number of other benefits as well. Read on to find out what they are. 

The Benefits of Booking a Fishing Charter

The benefits of booking a fishing charter are many and varied. The most prominent of these benefits include the following. 

You Don’t Need a Fishing License

As we’ve made clear, when fishing on a fishing charter in the state of Alabama, you don’t need a fishing license. Charters in the state have licenses that cover everyone on board. 

Your only responsibility is to book the boat and show up on time. The charter company will handle the rest! 

You Don’t Need to Buy Any Gear

Fishing successfully (especially in the ocean) requires a great deal of gear. Not only do you need a pole and line but a large selection of tackle and bait as well. Added up, this equipment can cost you hundreds of dollars. 

That’s obviously a lot of money and money that you might not have on hand. Fortunately, when you book a fishing charter, you don’t have to pay for your own gear. The charter provides it all to you. 

The second you step on the boat, everything will be waiting for you. All you’ll have to do is sit down and cast out. This also saves you the trouble of having to pack up substantial amounts of equipment in your automobile. 

You’ll Receive Instruction

Never fished before? Have no experience in deep-sea fishing? A fishing charter is perfect for you. 

Fisher charters are patrolled by expert fishermen and they can show you everything you need to know in order to have a successful trip. They’ll show you how to cast out your line, they’ll tell you when to pull in your reel, they’ll show you what to do when you have a bite, and more. 

Don’t need instruction? No worries! The crew will have no problem leaving you to your own devices. 

You’ll Receive Guidance

The ocean is a big, mysterious place. If you’re not careful, you can get lost out on it. This is why, if you’ve never been out on the ocean before, you’re advised to take a guide. 

How do you find a guide? It’s as simple as booking a fishing charter. Fishing charters are navigated by experienced crews. They know their areas like the backs of their respective hands and know exactly how to get the boat to where it’s supposed to go. 

Going out on a boat alone in the ocean is a dangerous endeavor. You shouldn’t do it until you have plenty of experience under your belt. 

You’ll Get to Go Out on the Ocean

Unless you yourself have a boat, your fishing trips are going to be relegated to the pier or the shoreline. That is unless you book a fishing charter. Fishing charters will take you out upon the ocean, allowing you to catch those gigantic fish at the bottom of the sea.

Not to mention, you’ll get to take in some awe-inspiring views. Imagine looking in at the beach from miles out. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. 

How Much is a Fishing Charter? 

Now, you might be wondering: how much does a fishing charter cost? In truth, it can depend on a few factors, including the size of the boat, the number of passengers, and the area in which the charter is located. 

A good average to consider is between $500 and $800 per trip. This would cover around 5 or 6 passengers and would last for a few hours. 

Note, though, that there are some boats that can carry over 30 passengers, and which would cost several thousands of dollars for a single trip. If you have a big group, these can actually end up being the better deal. Their per-person costs are typically lower than those for small boats. 

Charter Fishing Destinations in Alabama

There are a variety of places to go charter fishing in Alabama. Some of the most popular spots include the following. 

Orange Beach

Orange Beach is the most popular beach in Alabama. Though it’s geared toward tourist activity, it’s a great place for charter fishing as well. There are plenty of charters located in Orange Beach and the surrounding areas, all of which can help get you out on the ocean. 

Gulf Shores

Bordering Orange Beach is Gulf Shores. Quieter than Orange Beach, Gulf Shores is an ideal spot for a relaxing and tranquil fishing experience. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a fishing charter in the Gulf Shores area. 

Dauphin Island

Located off the coast of Alabama, Dauphin Island is surrounded by water on all its sides. Home to a bevy of fishing charters, it’s a great place to snag some speckled trout or snappers. 

Ready to Go Fishing in Alabama?

Why Orange Beach Is Your Ultimate Fishing Getaway

Welcome to Orange Beach, Alabama, one of the Gulf of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. The turquoise water lapping against soft white sand so fine it’s like sugar and stretches out of sight east and west.

If you’re an angler then you aren’t here for the sand. Good thing, too, because Orange Beach is also known as the Red Snapper capital of the world. The Gulf of Mexico is home to over 1,400 species of finfish. Throw in 51 sharks and another 49 skates and rays and you have some serious fishing in front of you.

The Gulf of Mexico’s shoreline stretches for 1,680 miles in the U.S. alone, giving the enthusiastic fisherman options. A little digging and you’ll find Orange Beach is the perfect spot to embark on your next charter fishing trip, and here’s why. 

Location, Location, Location!

If you’re planning a fishing trip, why not head to one of the prettiest spots on the Gulf? You spend the entire time fishing, so when you take your shore leave you’ll love the quaint little town of 5,000 residents. Orange Beach recreation opportunities abound. The shopping is great, the food is amazing, and there’s plenty of accommodations to fit any budget.

But still, you know it’s all about the fish. The Red Snapper is the star of the show here, but Orange Beach is almost exactly between Mobile Bay in Alabama and Pensacola Bay in Florida. It also features access to Perdido Bay right behind it to its north.

Alabama has an extensive nearshore reef system and the Perdido Pass is one example of the many shallow waterways that meet the Gulf of Mexico. Add the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the equation and you have yourself access to all the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

Orange Beach Game Fish

An old fisherman once said, ‘If you want to catch fish, you have to fish where the fish are at.’ There are some serious trophy fish to be caught in the Gulf of Mexico, and chartering a boat from Orange Beach will get you to those coveted spots quickly.

Grouper is an ugly, but delicious prize that can be caught in abundance in the deeper parts of the Gulf. Gag, red, and scamp grouper varieties are all possible depending on the season, but you’re talking 30-40 miles offshore to find them. You can bag yourself some vermillion and white snapper too while you’re that far out.

Red Snapper fishing in the summer is so productive you will see people throwing keepers back because they know there are bigger ones to catch. Mackerel and Bonita are some popular fish to angle for when bottom fishing nearer to shore. Redfish is another local fish that is fun to catch and delicious.

Amberjack is another game fish you’ll have fun angling for in the deeper regions further offshore. Serious fishermen will want to test the water for Swordfish. Jigging for Blackfin Tuna is another option, as is trolling for Yellowfin Tuna. These game fish are usually pretty far offshore so you’ll probably want to charter a full-day or even an overnight trip if you want to catch these big boys.

What Type of Charter Should You Book?

When chartering a boat you need to know a few things first. How many people is important to know because there are limits to how many people can fit comfortably on certain boats. There are limitations to how many can fish at once too. You don’t want to pack a boat with so many people that you only get to fish half the time.

Time is another important consideration. How much time do you want to be out on the water? If you’re going with children, or perhaps bringing people that have never fished before you’ll want to keep your trip shorter. There’s nothing worse than having to leave a hot hidey-hole because the kids or the newbies are going stir crazy.

You need to know what you want to catch. Seasonal rules are strictly followed, so don’t head out in January and expect to get Red Snapper. Federal restrictions can be different than state laws too. Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico will typically open for June and July, however inshore waterways under Alabama control might have longer seasons.

It’s difficult to get a charter company to commit to a guarantee, but most will at least say they will do everything possible to make sure you catch fish. After all, this is how they make a living, and people won’t book again if they don’t catch anything the first time.

This might mean they scrap the plan for bigger game fish halfway through the trip and have you jigging for flounder. You should ask in advance what their plan is for the trip. Will they be trolling while going from spot to spot? Do they have different bait for different fish? 

What Should You Bring With You on a Charter?

Most charters are pretty easy going with what is allowed on the boat, so long as it isn’t illegal. Bigger boats will sometimes have galleys or kitchens for the landlubbers. Some will have food for sale, while others will be happy to let you use the galley.

Ask your Captain before booking so you aren’t hit with any surprises. As a general rule of thumb, you should anticipate bringing it if you want it. That means bring a corkscrew if you want to open a bottle of wine. The point is, the Captain cannot anticipate everything you might need and the boat has limited space. 

If you’ve never been on a charter boat before, you should take something for motion sickness before you get on the boat. Even if you’ve been out dozens of times, having some Dramamine on hand is smart. Weather is unpredictable and when the waves get big they can affect the most seasoned seafarer. 

Booking a Charter

If you’re ready to experience all the Gulf of Mexico has to offer for fishing you should contact Orange Beach Sport Fishing Charters. We have multiple boats for different-sized parties and can accommodate short, medium, long, and overnight trips. Our Captains and mates are all skilled seamen and dedicated to making your trip one you’ll never want to forget.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Fishing Vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach, Alabama is home to some of the best fishing in the world. Miles offshore or right under the Gulf State Park pier, our fish are always ready to bite. 

Most anglers would fish 24 hours a day, if they could, but it would be a shame to miss out on all the other fun this area offers. We have beautiful beaches, delicious food, and thousands of acres of wilderness waiting to be explored. 

Before you arrive, you’ll want to read up on the best local activities, amenities, and restaurants to maximize your enjoyment. 

Wondering where to begin? Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of your Orange Beach fishing vacation. 

Book a Fishing Charter

First things first. If you’re serious about fishing, you’ll want to book a guide. A good charter captain will welcome you onboard and lead you directly to the fish. Depending on when you visit and where you go, you might catch red snappers, groupers, amberjacks, pompano, mackerel, sharks, or redfish. 

Local captains fish these waters almost every day, so they know what’s biting and where you will have the best chance of landing your dream catch. 

Orange Beach fishing charters also include gear and bait, so you won’t have to worry about bringing your own. All you have to do is sit back and get ready to reel. 

Most guides are able to customize the charter experience, so tell them exactly what you want. There are a variety of deep sea fishing charters, family-friendly charters, and back bay charters to choose from. 

Hiring a professional guide is well worth the cost – you won’t be disappointed. 

Plan to Get Some Rest

Fishing is hard work, and the sun can make you feel drowsy. You’ll definitely want a comfortable place to rest in between your vacation adventures. Luckily, there are plenty of options nearby! 

Whether you’re looking for beachfront luxury or bare-bones budget accommodations, Orange Beach offers something for every type of traveler. 

If you have kids, a hotel with a pool is a great option. Kitchenettes, free continental breakfasts, and on-site restaurants are also nice amenities to look for. 

Don’t forget to ask if there’s a grill, so you can cook up your catch of the day. 

Check Out the Orange Beach, Alabama Seafood Scene

If you’re a fan of seafood, get ready to be amazed. Orange Beach, AL offers some of the freshest fish in the country. Think gulf oysters, perfectly flaky grouper, and the sweetest shrimp you’ll ever taste. 

There are fine dining establishments and plenty of casual places to grab a basket of fried scallops. We have international restaurants that serve up Italian, Mexican, and Japanese flavors. The possibilities are endless. If you’re craving it, you will find it here. 

Orange Beach is also famous for its “hook and cook” tradition. Many of the restaurants in town encourage you to bring your own catch, which they will prepare to your liking. You can enjoy it blackened, grilled, fried, or baked. Best of all, you don’t have to do any of the work. 

Make your reservations in advance so you can fill your stomach with the tastiest gifts from the sea and say “cheers” to a successful day of fishing. 

Bring Your Beach Bag

It’s not a beach vacation unless you spend a day or two acting like a total beach bum. You can’t go wrong when you head for the sound of crashing waves. Our beaches have soft, white sand and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. 

For a social scene with great people watching and easy access to refreshments, try the Cotton Bayou public beach access. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, take a drive down Perdido Beach Boulevard to discover your own private paradise. 

It’s best to come prepared with beach chairs, towels, and sunscreen. You might also want to bring a cooler of snacks and drinks. Alcohol is allowed on the beach as long as it’s in a can. No glass, please! 

No matter which beach you choose, bring your fishing gear to enjoy some laid-back surf casting. 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you love fishing, you’re probably an outdoor enthusiast. In Orange Beach, you’ll find so many ways to stay active and enjoy nature. We have mild weather year-round, so every day is a great day to play outside. 

Our region is a dream for hikers and bikers of all levels. You’ll find trails through dunes, forests, and wildlife refuges. The views are incredible and you might spot birds, deer, and alligators along the way. Also, keep an eye out for dolphins when you stop to admire the Gulf. 

Golfers will appreciate having more than 10 golf courses to choose from. Nothing compares to perfecting your swing while you watch the sun reflect off your next fishing spot. 

One of the best ways to spend a day is paddling out to Robinson Island & Bird Island Park. You can rent kayaks or paddleboards and glide over calm, blue water to wide stretches of empty beach. 

The islands provide nesting habitat for herons and terns, so don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera if you’re a bird lover. 

Get Ready to Make Memories

Now that you know a little more about how to make the most of your time in Orange Beach, Alabama, it’s time to get excited.

Your fishing adventures will be complemented perfectly by relaxation, outdoor activities, and awesome meals. Give yourself a pat on the back for choosing the perfect place to vacation. 

To learn more about Orange Beach fishing charters, contact us today. We’re always happy to answer your questions about the local area.