Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Charter Fishing Trip

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Charter Fishing Trip

Are you ready to leave your worries behind on the shore and sail out into the tranquil water of the Gulf of Mexico for a day of charter fishing? Nothing is a better stress reliever than a day of fishing out on the water. 

If you’re planning your first charter fishing trip, we’ve got some helpful hints and tips to help you get the most out of your experience. Keep reading to learn how to plan your fun and care-free charter fishing trip. 

Talk to Your Captain

To make your charter boat fishing trip a success, communication is key. Talk to your captain before the trip so he can inform you of any important details you will need to know. 

If it is your first time on a charter fishing trip it is a good idea to let your captain know that. Tell them if there is any specific type of fishing that you would like to do and what type of fish you are looking to catch. This way he can arrange a trip to a fishing spot that is best suited to your needs. 

Letting your captain know about your expectations before the trip is a good way for the captain and crew to make sure your trip meets and even exceeds your expectations. They are also very familiar with what type of fish are running at particular times and can give you an idea of what you can expect. 

If you have any special requests or concerns, now is a good time to voice them. This will help set realistic expectations for your trip and ensure that everyone in your party has the best fishing charter experience. 

Ask About Onboard Policies

While talking to your captain, go ahead and ask about the onboard policies of your particular vessel. Some fishing boats in Orange Beach Alabama might feel it is completely normal to smoke or light up a cigar on board as long as it is properly disposed of, while others may not allow smoking. 

The same goes for alcohol and food. Many fishing charter boats allow you to bring your own food or snacks but it is a good idea to ask upfront and not assume. 

Ask about extra services the charter company may provide. Some charter companies are happy to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off for an extra charge. Others do not offer pick-up service. 

The same logic applies to cleaning fish and filleting your catch. Be sure to ask about bait, what type of gear will be provided, and if you will need to buy and bring your own fishing licenses. 

Ask your captain if the fuel is included in the price of the trip or if it will be an extra charge. Fuel costs on a charter boat can add up quickly. If the fuel is not included you can ask for an estimated cost ahead of time to avoid surprises. 

Know When the Boat Leaves the Dock

It may sound funny but when taking charter fishing trips in Alabama it’s always a good idea to double-check the time the boat is supposed to leave and where it will be leaving from. If you show up late, you may not be able to board. 

A lot of things can happen on the day of your fishing trip. You could be delayed on the way to the dock or the charter company may have moved its base of operations. Knowing exactly where you are supposed to be and at what time can save you from your trip being canceled or deemed a no-show. 

Fishing charters usually book a morning and an afternoon trip. Getting off schedule could potentially affect their next charter so it’s best to show up on time and be ready to go when the captain says so. If you are running late you run the risk of your trip being cut short or not being able to go fishing. 

If you are from out of town be sure to ask the charter company for directions. They more than likely know the best way to get to the dock. Most marinas will have a dedicated place for you to park.

Ask your fishing company about parking the day before your charter. 

Come Prepared

Packing for your charter fishing trip will vary depending on the season and location. However, there are a few things that you will always need. 

The first item on the list is rubber-soled shoes. Do not wear flip-flops on a charter fishing boat. This is a safety issue. 

If you wear flip flops or sandals it’s much easier to slip on a wet deck. If you step on a fishing hook it can go right through a pair of rubber thong sandals and really hurt your foot. 

Wearing layers of clothing provides flexibility if the weather changes out at sea. A pair of sunglasses and a hat are always a good idea to block the sun’s rays and help you see better out on the water. 

Other crucial items include sunscreen, a first aid kit, Dramamine for seasickness, and water. Bring a separate cooler for your food and drinks so you don’t put them in the same cooler as the fish you catch. 

Ice is going to be necessary to keep your catch and your drinks cold. Many fishing charters provide ice but it is a good idea to check if that is included on your particular charter. 

Most fishing trips begin early in the morning. Make sure you get a full night’s rest before you go fishing so you can be alert and ready. Partying all night with your buddies can bite you in the butt when you’re out on the water. 

Book a Charter Fishing Trip

We know that there is a lot to take in on your first charter fishing trip, but don’t worry! Your captain will be there to guide you through the whole experience and make sure you and your guests have a great time fishing. 

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Contact us today to set up your fishing charter. We can’t wait to get you out on the water.