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Fishing Charter Rates In Orange Beach, Alabama

We are oriented towards family charter fishing trips with consideration provided the kids and the ladies, yet we are also ready for the hardcore angler. Light tackle fishing is possible as well as heavy rod fishing; we are ready to fish blue water, bottom or, topwater.  Please contact Orange Beach Sport Fishing Charters for more information.

I like to describe my charter fishing trips like this:
A 4 hour charter fishing trip is a good choice for a group that’s trying to see if they like deep sea fishing for the first time or a group that is on a time crunch or, a family charter fishing trip that is budget friendly. Typically these trips target mackerel and bonita however if circumstances preclude us from having a good chance of success on these fish, we will always do what it to takes to catch fish. Sometimes circumstances require us to bottom fish.
A 5 hour charter fishing trip gives us a little more time to bottom fish as we can be up to 10-12miles offshore. We are always trolling while transitioning to and from offshore fishing locations. We’ll usually have about 2 hours to bottom fish for what’s in season at the time. Its not unusual to catch a limit of snapper in snapper season or a good mess of vermillion snapper in the spring or fall.
A 6 hour charter fishing trip is my bread and butter and are usually just right for the majority of my anglers. Not too long but long enough for us to be able to go up to 20 miles offshore.  King mackerel and bonita are always a nice bonus as we head offshore. In the spring and fall we can fish for triggerfish and vermillion snapper. This year, during the entire month of June and July, Red Snapper season is on the menu! During August and the rest of the fall we’ll target vermilion snapper and even get lucky and will occasionally land a keeper amberjack.
An 8 hour charter fishing trip is for more serious anglers that want to be on the water all day. This longer trip all but ensures success for anything we target. During the summer snapper season we tend to be more choosy with the fish that we keep to ensure a beautiful catch of nice fat red snapper. In the late summer and fall the 8 hour charter fishing trip gives us time to look for amberjacks as well as vermillion snapper. We will always have the green egg ready if you decide you want to have a hot meal offshore, an option that very few charter fishing boats in Orange Beach have.
The full day – 12 hour charter fishing trip – Some of my favorite trips are the 12 hour trip, because grouper fishing is one of my passions. We’ll target red snapper when in season or Amberjack in the fall as well as grouper. We start the day off live bait fishing then head up to 45 miles offshore in search of Gag, red and scamp grouper. Vermillion snapper and white snapper are typically abundant this far offshore as well.

Overnight Charter Fishing – 36 hour charter fishing trip – We fish the evening bite around the rigs for Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna. Overnight we fish for Swordfish while we drift. Around 3 am we make our way back to a rig and start jigging for black fin tuna and then once day breaks we put out the trollers and troll for Yellow fin Tuna. Most of our second day fishing we are blue water fishing. We return to Orange Beach at 6pm. This is THE Charter Fishing Trip.

Charter Fishing Rates on the Miss Brianna:
4 hours trolling $1250
6 hours trolling and bottom fishing $1800
8 hours trolling and bottom fishing $2400
12 hours $3500

Prices above are for up to ten people. Each person over ten is 10% more.

Contact Orange Beach Sport Fishing Charters for the other type of charter fishing trips above or, if you would like to put together another type of trip.

Don’t forget the first mate!


The First Mate works for 18-20% of a gratuity / tip and 30 cents a pound for fish cleaning. All fish are bagged in zip locks and ready to take home. Please keep this in mind. You will see how hard he works.

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